James Herbison, also known as “MindOfVii,” is an accomplished graphic designer specializing in client-to-client work and creating impactful marketing assets. Since 2014, James has been driven by his passion for crafting captivating media that entices viewers, aiming to push design boundaries and stand out in the digital landscape.

James envisions himself as a trailblazer in the design field, committed to fostering fresh and innovative ideas. With a unique and captivating approach to presenting his concepts, he aims to leave a lasting impact, inspiring action and connections through his compelling visual creations. By continuously pushing his creative limits, James strives to make a significant contribution to the world of design and reshape people’s perception and interaction with visual media.

– James “Vii” Herbison

Contact me

For inquiries, collaborations, or a simple hello, reach out if you seek advanced creative abilities, social media design expertise, advertising skills, motion design proficiency, photoshop manipulation, and more.