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I specialize in bringing innovation and creativity to your brand, tailored to help drive your business to success. I will elevate your brand to the next level.

About Me

A graphic designer based in phoenix, arizona with 8+ Years of experience

Hello, I am James Herbison, known professionally as “MindOfVii” in my online client interactions. My journey in graphic design commenced at the age of 13 through diligent self-education via  online resources such as YouTube and practicing mastery of various design software. By the age of 16, I had begun cultivating a modest clientele, engaging in projects with reputable entities like GFuel and various online fields. In 2017, I transitioned to a local agency called Idea Pro, collaborating with local Arizona businesses on a spectrum of creative endeavors, spanning from web design and logo creation to impactful advertising campaigns and beyond. Since then, I have remained steady in refining my skills, and keeping my dedication to the craft.

My Work

Creating Brands, Designing web layouts, manipulating photos, and integrating designs to products, I deliver great results