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OXY Locations

Monday – Alley of Playa Vista Hotel

Tuesday – UFO Shed – Trailer Park behind Purple Dinosaur Gas Station.

Wednesday – Redwoods Track – Middle on Platform

Thursday – Behind Youtool – Sandy Shores

Friday – Lighthouse at Catfish View

Saturday – 

Sunday – Opium Nights Hotel – LSIA Airport

Money wash Locations

Monday – Alley Vinewood Ammunation

Tuesday – 

Wednesday – Water treatment plant, west of casino. Inside back left far right

Thursday – Left side of Little Seoul Church – Tucked Away Alley

Friday – Construction Site, Little Seoul

Saturday – Backyard of Peach Building Across from Little Seoul Gas Station – LTD.

Sunday – 

Electronics Locations

1 – Billboard Above Coffebean – Across from Eclipse Tower

2. MT Gordo – Satellite in fence

3. Garage Door behind Up and Atom – Alley

4. Behind Gas Station – Paleto

5. Near Train Behind Smeltery

Bank Guy

1. Hookies Great Ocean

2. Chumash Fishing Spot

3. Behind Comedy Club

4. Maze Bank Arena

5. Mirror Park

6. Grapeseed Avenue

7. Paleto behind clothing store

8. GoPostal Paleto

Racing info